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Hermitage, Luzern

Hotel Hermitage Luzern, Lobby / The Bar Architekten: Herzog de Meuron Briefing: Gestaltung einer gemütlichen und dennoch beeindruckenden Lobby und Bar mit Blick auf den See und die Berge des Vierwaldstättersees.... Briefing: To create a cozy yet stunning Lobby and Bar incorporating the lake and mountain views of Lake Lucerne.....

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Stump's Alpenrose, Switzerland

4Spaces created especially for this project, for which acoustic properties and cutting edge design were required, a new waffle weave wallcovering in 100% Polyester FR for direct application. Each room received an individual art work inspired by the wonderful nature around the hotel in the region of Toggenburg, Switzerland. The photography artwork has then been slightly distorted by our design team to create a image of soundwaves and was then digitally printed on to the waffle weave fabric. As a sharp contrast to the colourful artwork, the day and night curtain were tuned in a warm brown colour to bring silence for a restful moment.  Project: Stump’s Alpenrose, Waldhaus, Toggenburg, Switzerland Architect: Schällibaum Ingenieure und Architekten  Photographer: Thomas Rickenmann

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