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Welcome to 4Spaces!

4Spaces is a Swiss-based textile company which manufactures its own exclusive textile collections for interiors and limited edition designs, with Swiss or European origin. With more than 20 years of experience in textiles and collaborations with the most prestigious international brands, 2008 saw the 4 Spaces team launch its own collection into the global textile market. 4Spaces also collaborates on textile projects for promoters, architects and designers worldwide turning ideas into custom textile solutions. As design consultants we devise color, textile and living concepts for architects and private clients, working with qualified specialists who belong to our network. 
The 4Spaces Contract and Atelier divisions focus on delivering custom solutions for projects globally across all vertical markets.  Our commitment to supporting unique artist collaborations on textiles sits under our 4Spaces Atelier division.

As a token of its sense of social responsibility and its Swiss roots, 4 Spaces donates on behalf of its customers a percentage of its turnover to the “Schweizer Tafel” foundation (providing food and support to the people in need in Switzerland).

Textiles with identity and character

With arresting sensitivity 4 Spaces creates characterful fabrics far removed from the clichés of the industry and its superficial trends: they are simple, but very tactile, – fabrics with character. Simplicity, elegance and practicality are three key ingredients of the design perspective of the 4 spaces studio.Under the creative guidance of Michele Rondelli, the team finds the inspiration for its collection in the individuality of the structures, yarns and weaving techniques as well.


These inspirations are produced in a way that combines traditional handcraft with the latest technology. Some creations, for example, are woven on ultra-modern looms and subsequently hot washed in a fabric vat, just as was done 100 years ago. This unique process allows the true natural feel of fabric to be brought to its true identity and life.

The exclusive creations are characterised by such yarns as fine cashmere, silk, linen and Egyptian cotton, ideal for installations both within the home but also for public spaces.  A new addition to the collection includes cork fabric, a new dimension in a natural material converted into stunning creations for upholstery. All drapery designs are woven in a width of 300 cm, again a unique aspect of 4 spaces, redefining how a space can be elegantly and practically dressed.

We find our inspiration also in art and in nature – and in talking to others at the cutting edge.


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