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Zurich Design Weeks 2023 | Abitare in Residence x 4Spaces / ZigZagZurich

Exhibitor: Zurich Design Weeks x Abitare in Residence Briefing: From August 31. to September 19. we invite you to explore "Abitare in Residence". Nestled within a former painter's business, an exceptional exhibition is being shown, adorned with a fusion of traditional Swiss design and vibrant international labels. Alongside esteemed partners such as 4Spaces / ZigZagZurich, Karimoku Case Study, My Beni, Lehni, Tacchini, Seledue, schindlersalmerón and Strato, Abitare is crafting a dynamic hub dedicated to the art of design. Fabric: Diverse wallcoverings, draperies & hometextiles from 4Spaces & ZigZagZurich

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Hermitage, Luzern

Hotel Hermitage Luzern, Lobby / The Bar Architekten: Herzog de Meuron Briefing: Gestaltung einer gemütlichen und dennoch beeindruckenden Lobby und Bar mit Blick auf den See und die Berge des Vierwaldstättersees.... Briefing: To create a cozy yet stunning Lobby and Bar incorporating the lake and mountain views of Lake Lucerne.....

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