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TX Group Zürich | Tamedia

Client: TX Group Zürich | Tamedia, Tagesanzeiger Newsroom Architects: Anna Paola Supino, Architektur APS GmbH & Jörg Schwarzburg, Schwarzburg Architekten AG Lighting Design & Special Luminaires: Lichtdesign und Spezialleuchten : Lite Lab, Milano Special Luminaires: Angela Ardisson, Artplayfactory Studio, Milano Acoustic Tiles Partner: KST AG Supergraphics, Signaling & Graphic Concept, Tabulum (game tables): Anne Scott Photographer: Davide Galli, Anne Scott Briefing: Elegant and discrete acoustic tiles, that embrace the playful light in the room and enhances the existing interior Fabric: Ogliastra tiles in a special ombre color concept & Anne Scott art on Brera fabric

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