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House of Switzerland, Milano Design Week 2023

Project: House of Switzerland, Milano Design Week 2023 Briefing: A fabric, that complements the exhibition of the six Swiss interior Labels Schindlersalmerón, Röthlisberger, Lichtprojekte, Lehni, Seledue, Embru in House of Switzerland during Milano Design Week 2023. The chosen fabric should complement and enhance the features of the brands, their products and the location. Fabric: Plastic Fantastic

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In occasion of Milan Design Week and our collaboration with Bloc Studio, Justin Morin designed a bespoke textile installation inspired by the movie "Il giardino dei Finzi-Contini" by Vittorio de Sica. French artist Justin Morin presents a new installation in collaboration with 4Spaces and creative director Michele Rondelli. In the continuity of his previous works, he has created a minimal, subtle and colorful installation composed of three draperies. But unlike the silk draperies that Justin Morin is developing since a decade, this new ensemble is printed on tulle, combining both chromatic brilliance and resistance. ELLE DECOR ITALIA

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