Project: SWISS RE NEXT, Zurich

Architect: Diener & Diener, Basel

Artist: Marc Camille Chaimowicz / Mai Thu Perret


Artist collaboration to create a stimulating textile installation for all 'Think Tanks’ of the new corporate HQ Swiss Re Next, located on the lakeside of Zurich. Textiles needed to comply with all requirements for safety and comfort.


Artists submitted their art works based on the architectural plans and client's requirement to have artistic textiles for the Think Tanks meeting rooms, rather than a blank privacy screen or plain curtain. Marc Camille Chaimowicz and Mai Thu Perret presented a variety of drawings and sketches which needed to be edited into a series of compatible designs for all floors.


Marc Camille Chaimowicz and Mai Thu Perret presented a variety of drawings and sketches which needed to be edited into a series of compatible designs for all floors. The initial idea to print the designs onto a sheer was dropped fast, as both artists required more three dimensionality and various levels of transparency. After several trials on our Jacquard looms, we decided to go back to a rather old technique which was the 'Fil Coupé'. After weaving the design into a basic sheer, usually with a different yarn, the loose threads are then cut off. Drawings were scaled into repeats and yarn colours were dyed in a small laboratory machine to get the colour approved. The yarn quality had to be flame retardant and meet the highest safety and maintenance standards. Not only did 4Spaces handle the design process and production but assisted also in the planning and specification process of these wing and installation. Project time from start to installation: 4 years.