4Spaces Contract & Atelier


4Spaces Contract & Atelier is a Swiss-based label, which focuses on textiles, contract bedding, wallcoverings, art installations and flooring commissions for the contract markets.

With more than 20 years of experience in textiles and collaborations with the most prestigious international brands, 4Spaces enables artists, promoters, architects and designers worldwide to turn ideas and projects into custom solutions for both corporate and contract projects/installations.

We specialize in developing material solutions for projects, that offer unique design combined with our renowned high quality and transparent pricing models.  Our skill lies in both production using FR materials combined with our in-house printing, weaving and yarn development services.  Our basic qualities can be highly customized or new qualities developed for specific project requirements.

From Hotel projects to residential developments, corporate developments to in-store retail standards - we are able to support any size of a project.  

Our collaborations with artists around the globe, transforming unique pieces of artwork for use in both corporate and private collections has seen a rapid growth in the last years.  These unique installations offer a new backdrop for any corporate or private environment.

4Spaces Contract & Atelier operates around the globe.  For more information on your requirements please contact us below

4Spaces Contract & Atelier
A Division of 4Spaces Gmbh
Breitensteinstrasse 45
Switzerland Tel: + 41 43 366 8945
Fax: +41 43 430 2420


www.4spaces.ch / www.4spacestextiles.com