China goes stripes! The “Stripe Tease” Wallpaper Collection, a series of 53 individual composition designed by Swiss italian Michele Rondelli has been featured on Elle Decoration China December issue. Stripes have the power to reshape a room, put spaces in order and can add a crisp, polished element to a space. Best of all, stripes mix beautifully with solids, florals and other patterns meaning they can be used just about anywhere. Classic, simple, preppy, bright, skinny, urban, vibrant, energizing, calming, alluring, luxurious; re-defining the Zeitgeist of interior design. Michele Rondelli used a bespoke designed software to convert photographs into distorted vertical stripes. In addition the stripes then are manipulated into various forms, creating the most amazing art installations.  Get teased...

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Justin Morin art installation @ Collective Design New York featured on Interior Design Magazine.  Exclusively for Collective Design French artist Justin Morin designed a textile inspiration inspired by the movie “Mishima: A life in four chapters” by Paul Schrader. Each curtain is reflecting the different parts of the film. “To realize Justin Morin’s art installation, over 100meters of a special double width fabric were used, split into 4 large individual panels with each representing an individual sequence of art. The production was challenged with large formats, the longest panel being 38 meters  (40 yards) using the artwork in its original size. The final choice of the fabric quality was selected between Justin and 4Spaces to have a different language to...

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