Rushnyk - Desastres de la Guerra

Client: Bayerische Staatsoper, Architekturgalerie München & morePlatz  Photographer: u.A. Patrik Thomas Briefing: Printable curtain fabric, that brings alienated city views of Kiev to life, showcasing vibrant and colorful panoramas for a captivating visual experience and complementing rest of the installation Fabric: Georgette

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Lukas Beyeler x 4Spaces / ZigZagZurich

We've seamlessly melded outstanding fabrics and designs with visual artist Lukas Beyeler's unparalleled artistic vision, resulting in an inspiring catalog and company portrait that redefines the meaning of cutting-edge. We invite you to join us on a captivating journey through a mesmerizing tapestry of innovation and creativity.  Where Reality & Fantasy is Blurred Step into the extraordinary world of Lukas Beyeler's artistic genius. With an enchanting blend of spaces, textures, and individuals, he paints a mesmerizing canvas. In our collaboration we're not just showcasing the beauty and versatility of our fabrics. We're also extending our support and mentorship beyond the boundaries of textiles, celebrating artistry and an unwavering commitment to creativity. A Tribute to the Power of Pattern Lukas Beyeler's signature style, characterized...

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ANZA Collection x 4Spaces

Client: Please Wait to be Seated Designer: Rui Pereira & Ryosuke Fukusada Briefing: Fabrics with a new colour scale to match the official Please Wait to be Seated color range  Fabric: Electra, Orestes & Hermes

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