Stadtmuseum Aarau Switzerland, Extension 2015

Textile Dapery installation in the main lobby / Textile acoustical Drapery in Auditorium of Stadtmuseum Aarau in collaboration with Diener & Diener Architekt, project architect Christian Severin and team. Custom Development of textile in knit technique. Stadtmuseum Aarau, Schlossplatz 23, 5000 Aarau,    

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Project: Mountain station ChaeserruggArchitects/Designers: Herzog deMeuron, Michele Rondelli ConsultingFabrics: Bonnie (wool), Brad, Denim, RomanoPlace: Chäserrugg, St.Gallen, Switzerland

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Osmos / Kon Trubkovich

Book Cover Collaboration with curator and editor Cay Sophie Rabinowitz and artist Kon Trubkovich. Digial Print on satin weave, embossing and text foiled in silver, padded. Limited edition of 1500 books. Available at Osmos and MOMA.   

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