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4Spaces Introduces the Aura Wallpaper Collection 

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Back in 1936, philosopher Walter Benjamin tried to define the ineffable quality that gives a work of art its unique presence in time and space. He came up with the term Aura, which the Swiss manufacturer 4Spaces has adopted as the name and aesthetic principle of its new wallpaper collection. Each of the portfolio’s five large-scale designs — a series of vast glowing nebulae floating in what appears to be fathomless space — seeks to conjure “an experience of an object that looks back at you rather than overwhelming you,” says creative director Michele Rondelli. “The collection explores the theme of light in an inspiring and poetic manner.” Digitally printed on three panels that combine to form a 112-by-118-inch image, each pattern centers on a blue, pink, purple, red, or yellow cloud-like form surrounded by either a deep green or bright white background. The wallpapers are available in four qualities — non-woven, plain vinyl, textured vinyl, or 3D construction waffle weave — but all of them share that mysterious power Benjamin identified so long ago.

Aura One
Aura One.
Aura Three
Aura Three.
Aura Five
Aura Five.
Aura Four
Aura Four.
Aura Two
Aura Two.
Aura wallcoverings explore themes of light.
Aura wallcoverings explore themes of light.