Hermitage, Luzern

Hermitage Lucerne, Guest Suites

Architects: Herzog de Meuron 

Briefing: To create a relaxing, elegant guest suite incorporating the lake and mountain views of Lake Lucerne. Create a refined ambiance, and control acoustics by incorporating textiles such as window draperies, wall tapestry, room dividers, upholstery, cushions, and carpets.

Products: Sleep tight (dim-out curtain, room divider), Sleep tight col. lake green (custom color for room divider and upholstered wall tapestries), Newbuck Light (upholstery), Denim (cushions), Alba (bed-frame and cushions), Wool blanket (ZigZagZurich artists collection), Cactus Carpets (ZigZagZurich custom made carpets, Cactus fiber)