Architect: Ykra Sàrl

Design: Les Crafties

Place: Geneve , Switzerland

Fabrics: Tulle Custom Print

4Spaces / ZigZagZurich collaborated with HEAD GENEVA on a unique artist production with ‘Les Crafties’  and printed sheers for their new Mensa used as dividing curtains.

Les Crafties is a studio founded in 2018 by Jeanne and Marie-Marie that creates collections applied to the domestic spaces. Their collections are sets, props, objects, almost in the tradition of «ensembliers». Their objects are dialogues of materials, colors and scales. It is a joyful back and forth between volume and dish, and above all the desire to visually transcribe the pleasure of handling materials. 

Out of this collaboration, they designed also an iconic bath shower curtain ‘le balcon artiste’  for ZigZagZurich