Worldpremier: Knit Drapery Collection in Trevira CS

4Spaces Textiles announces its world premier drapery knit collection made of Trevira CS, suitable for window, wall covering and decoration installations.  Knit fabrics in comparison to woven textiles add increased insulation, light transparency and acoustic absorbency.  By controlling the light and sun in a different way, they offer perfect results in glaring sun, protecting the inside whilst offering transparency to the outside.  This unique construction of knitted fabrics developed by 4Spaces combined with the global standard of fire retardency Trevira CS yarns, means for the first time such fabrics can be used in hotels, offices, corporate buildings or homes.

4Spaces Knitcollection Levanzo

4Spaces Knitcollection Ogliastra

4Spaces Knitcollection Ogliastra

4Spaces Knitcollection Porri

4Spaces Knitcollection